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I’m reading “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” (before going to bed and get the robot going again at 4:30 AM) and for some reason, the paragraph I was reading, made me think of You.

I read all these “amazing” stories, about people that create the life they want to live and I say to myself “yeah ok…that’s bullshit. It only happens in movies”.

It’s hard to feel connected to those stories because those people are not “real”. You don’t know them, and it could have easily been made up; but then, I go on Instagram and see You. Apparently doing exactly that, and for a moment, the [dream] seems… possible.

I hate that I was conditioned to think this is the way to do it: the rat race, the monotony, the so-called “security” we tell ourselves we need but have come to hate so much and yet are so afraid to give the middle finger to.

I want the dream… how?

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